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Larp: 'Fantasy Heroes'

Experience a real Larp adventure


Bold adventures, who get the job done as one team

Dwarven King Oberon has lost his treasure! Soon his daughter Princess Fiona will marry her charming prince Valiant. But if there is no dowry, the whole wedding will not take place. Which brave warriors, rangers, and wizards help Oberon reclaim his treasure from his nemesis Mordred?

Larp: What

Do you really want to experience something special? Go on an adventure in the wonderful world of King Oberon. A treasure, magic, of course a prince(es)! Beat evil monsters through role play and real sword fighting.

In short, all the ingredients for a special experience in the world of Lord of the Rings and Game of Thrones.

Larp: How

We ensure that everyone can participate in this Larp. In an extensive workshop, in addition to sword fighting, improvisation in a role is also practiced.

The excellent game design of this Real Life Game also promises that everyone will find something he or she likes to do during the adventure: physical effort, creativity and interesting puzzles. Finally, collaboration and getting to know each other in a different way are essential in this experience.

Larp: Who

For everyone from 16 years and up. No Larp experience required. Larp: an unique bachelor party, company event or as an activity with your group of friends.



    3,5 hours

    No. Participants

    10 – 45


    Landgoed Zonheuvel, Doorn
    Your own location


    Also available in Dutch


    from 47,50 euro p.p.
    incl. costumes and game attribute


    Workshop (1 hour and 15 minuts)

    • Warming up
    • Practice safe sword fighting with foam latex weapons
    • Practice game rules and the use of magic spells
    • Split up the group in ‘playing characters’  (2/3 of the group) and ‘non playing characters’ (1/3 of the group)
    • Playing Characters: receive (simple) role, enrolement and change costume
    • Non Playing Characters: prepare adventure

    The adventure itself (1 hour and 30 minutes)

    Change costume and evaluation (15 minutes)


    One part of the group sets off as “playing characters” or “adventurers” during the adventure. These participants play one role throughout the entire adventure. Another part goes along with the game master as an “non playing character” or “extra”. Under the guidance of this coach, they will play various small roles, sometimes using masks.

    Fantasy Heroes is an outdoor game set in a forest. In principle, the game always takes place, even when it rains.

    The Larp can be organized at your own location. You can play Larp in Utrecht, Amsterdam, Noord Holland, Zuid Holland, Gelderland, Limburg, Noord Brabant or even the Ardennes.


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