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Online Escape Room

“The Heist Begins”

“Your plans are well put together,” says lawyer Magniski to the four gang leaders. “You burglars from Amsterdam will go to the safe in the room of the curator of the Rijksmuseum as soon as possible. The digital lock decoder of the hackers from Almelo will help you with this. And act now, we don’t have all night!”

This online escape room, with an emphasis on puzzles, fits the story of the Real Life Escape Room “After the Heist” (available in English, promotion text currently in Dutch). The story of “The Heist Begins” takes place in the timeline of “After the Heist”, but is not played out in the real life game.

  • The online escape room “The Heist Begins” lasts about an hour.
  • Hints can be consulted per puzzle.

This game is offered for free. If you manage to finish the game, you will receive a discount for the offline or online version “After the Heist”.

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 2 reviews
 by Dawn

Great free room, took us 90 mins approx. Varied puzzles and good hints.

 by Patrick

Love the hints