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Real Life Escape Game 'After the Heist'

Workshop ‘teambuilding and interests’

​Learning Experiences

  • Teambuilding
  • Working together, tuning in and paying attention to each other
  • Problem solving ability of the team
  • How to deal with own (team) interest vs. general (organizational) interest

Real Life Escape Game ‘After the Heist’


Four rival gangs, led by their joint lawyer, have decided on a one-off collaboration: to set a heist and split the loot. But won’t their own interests get in the way of this cooperation? And can everyone be trusted? An exciting night is behind them, but they succeeded! The safe from the office of the curator of the Rijksmuseum is now here on the table. Which team will make off with the loot?


After the Heist is a real life escape game. The experience of a story is paramount. We want you to experience what it is like to be a criminal. We also let you experience the excitement of performing a crack. And that one question: ‘Who can I trust?’


You will solve escape room puzzles from a role in the story. Cooperation and trust are also incorporated into challenges. The outcome of the story of ‘After the Heist’ is completely determined by you as a group!

After the Heist’ is of the ‘break-in box’ type: you have to puzzle your way in instead of escaping. So no one is locked in. This pop-up experience can be played anywhere: an escape room on location.


In the review of this serious escape room you share your experiences. Finally, you make a translation to applicable behavior in practice.

Escape Room On Site

You can play ‘After the Heist’ anywhere: in your office, at your home or in a hall near you. Or just at one of our locations. According to the story, ‘After the Heist’ is played in the safe house of the criminals.



    Play the online escape game “The Heist Begins” now. Prequel to “After the Heist.”


    1,5 – 2 hours

    No. of Participants

    10-48 (in groups of max. 24)

    Suitable for

    Service teams and organizations


    Also available in Dutch



    • Introduction (30 min)

      • Warming up

      • Role assignment and role empathy

      • Photo opportunity

    • Prologue: Preparation for the heist (10 min)

    • Story/Game: after the heist (45 min)

      • What happened last night?

      • Opening the safe

      • Dividing the loot

      • Uncovering the infiltrators

    • Epilogue (15 minutes)


    This workshop is based on the following theories:

    • Pyramid of Lencioni
    • Interest management and strategic
    • stakeholder and environment management
    • Learning styles: gaining experience, reflecting


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    After the Heist
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