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What is your insight?

[Book Larp, the game, the drama and the experience]

In the book ‘Live action Role-Playing, de spel, het drama en de beleving’ you will be asked to provide insights that contribute to the drive to create the best experience with traditional Larp.

Submit your larp insight via info@intothemirror.nl

What happens to your insights? All insights are reviewed. Those insights not yet mentioned in the book that contribute are listed below. In addition, they will be given a place in the sequel to ‘Live action Role-Playing, de spel, het drama en de beleving’. The submitters of insight number 100 and every 5th insight thereafter will receive an entry ticket for 1 participant* to a Real Life Game organized by IntoTheMirror.

*This prize is not redeemable for a substitute cash value.