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- the NL book on Larp (Currently only available in Dutch)- 


The game, the drama and the experience

[Book, 2017]

During a Larp event, do you ever wonder why some moments are unforgettable and why you want to forget other moments as soon as possible? In the book 'Live action Role-Playing: The game, the drama and the experience', I provide answers to this question.

In this Larp book, I have compiled 99 insights into playing, writing and organising Larp events. I have gained these insights over the past 20 years as a player and organiser. By sharing this knowledge, I want to create the best experience by and for Larp participants.

This Larp book is aimed at anyone involved in Larp; whether you are organising, writing or playing a Larp event. In addition, this book offers game designers and experience designers a way to design experiences that take advantage of the specific characteristics of the medium Larp.

The book is currently available only in Dutch. There is a summary in English.

Book Larp Boek Larp Nederlands Larp boek


Book Larp Boek Larp Nederlands Larp boek

Ebook - ePub format

Book Larp Boek Larp Nederlands Larp boek

Ebook - PDF format


'With this book, I share my passion for the search for the ultimate experiences in the Larp game. In doing so, I am aiming at Larpers. But also to those, who are interested in the possibilities that the medium Larp offers for creating an immersive experience.'

- Carel Ketelaars, author

'Dare to lose', 'Say yes to game offerings', 'Game goes before non-game' and 'Better good copied than bad invented'. Statements you will come across in the chapters Game, Game World, Game System, Scenario, Players, Game (leaders) and Production.

To optimise the experience of Larp, it helps to look at other disciplines. Aspects from (Improvisational) theatre, puzzles and escape rooms, sociology or re-enactment can be borrowed to give your Larp that extra something you are looking for.

I look at the insights shared from various perspectives: players, writers, game leaders, organizers and the other audiences that Larp events face.


Want to add another insight into Larp and win something with it? Have a quick look at What is your insight?

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Excerpt from Larp book (currently only available in Dutch)