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With real life gaming, your team will have an extraordinary experience. Participants are shown the mirror by our experienced facilitators during these team building activities. Fun and educational thus go hand in hand.

Our real life games are pop-up experiences that you can play almost anywhere. For example, we collaborate with various locations, but your location is also usually suitable.

Real life gaming & activities for team building


  75 minutes         3-24

- cooperate, problem-solving ability, influencing others - 

Experience 'Agatha's Inheritance', an immersive on-site escape room where family members compete for Agaath's inheritance. Solve social puzzles and play a role in the story to determine the outcome. A short but intense experience, perfect as a team day activity! Play at the office, in a room or at one of our venues.

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  2 hours        10-50

- team building, problem solving, dealing with different interests - 

Discover 'After the Heist', a unique on-site escape room where rival gangs team up for a daring heist. Experience the story, solve puzzles, and discover who can be trusted. As a group, determine the outcome and translate the experience into practical behavior. The gangs' hideout can be anywhere, even in the office. 

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  1,5 hour         15-500

- team building, problem solving, dealing with different interests - - 

Experience 'Team Escape', a pop-up escape game where cooperation is key. Solve puzzles, combine qualities and decipher the code to open the last suitcase. 'Team Escape' pits groups against each other for success and team spirit. The post-game discussion contributes to a special and energetic team experience!

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  2-3,5 hours         6-24

- cooperate, effective communication, leadership - 

Experience 'Space Heroes' now! Board our spaceship and carry out missions as a team in Sector XIII. Work together, show leadership and communicate effectively to ensure humanity's safety in space. Receive instant feedback on your team performance in this hybrid simulation. Only with teamwork will you successfully complete missions, so join forces and save humanity!

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  2-3,5 hours        10-48

- creativity, dealing with prejudice, organisational culture - 

Welcome to 'The Great Village Bake-off', a unique real-life serious game in which you bake and gossip together with fellow villagers. Craft as an councillor, barber or lifeguard with cakes and cupcakes. But remember: it's all about the layers between the cake. Discover how teamwork, creativity and dealing with (pre)judgements come together in this bruising adventure. A delightful mix of fun and valuable learning experiences!

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  3,5 hours        7-40

- team building, creative, exploring together, outdoor - 

Step into the magical world of 'Fantasy Heroes' and experience a unique Larp adventure as one team in an enchanted fantasy reality! Unleash your creativity as you brave extraordinary situations where words, magic and physical combat are the key to an unforgettable journey of discovery. Dare to face the unknown together in this epic Larp adventure!

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Competitive, outdoor & team building


  75 minutes         6-30

- sporty, competitive, cooperating within team, outdoor - 

Discover 'Archery Tag'! Enter the legendary Sherwood Forest, where you sport and competitively hunt your opponents with bow and arrow. Form teams, work together and take on the challenge of protecting Nottingham. Prepare for an outdoor adventure full of excitement and team building - victory is within reach!

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  75 minutes         6-30

- sporty, competitive, cooperating within team, outdoor - 

Get ready for an epic adventure with 'Sword Tag', the ultimate blend of sportsmanship, competition and teamwork in an outdoor setting! Armed with swords, axes and clubs, compete with other teams in the exciting 'Troll Ball' competition. Werk samen, vecht als een team en verwerf eeuwige roem in deze legendarische uitdaging!

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  2 hours         6-50

- sporty, competitive, cooperating within team, outdoor - 

Compete in the ultimate battles of 'Battle Tag', where 'Archery Tag' and 'Sword Tag' come together in an epic battle between good and evil. Learn archery and swordplay. Stand as freebooters of Sherwood and soldiers of Nottingham against Mordred's dark army. Who will win the ultimate battle? Experience 'Battle Tag': a phenomenal adventure!

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Real life serious gaming: subject handling & team building

THEMEPARK | project management

  4-7 hours         8-20

- working together in projects, communication, project management - 

Welcome to 'Theme Park', the real-life serious game in which you and your team ensure the future of a theme park! Work as an innovation team to create new attractions for The FamilyFun Formula. Communicate and learn about project management as you take the park to a new level. Collaboration and innovation are at the heart of this challenging experience. Get ready for an unforgettable learning experience full of action and fun!

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HAPPY TV | process management

  4-7 hours         8-15

- process cooperation, result-oriented working, process management, lean - 

Welcome to "HappyTV," the real-life serious game in which you collaborate in a process. After a major hack, the streaming service must temporarily work on paper. Apart from departmental thinking, employees have to go back 20 years. Assess received scenarios and make the corresponding TV series a financial success. Learn effective collaboration and about the power of good process management for a sparkling future at HappyTV!

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BCM-GAME | business continuity management

  3,5 hours         6-15

- crisismanagement, communicatie, business continuity management

Together with your team, make sure you pick up the threads quickly after an incident or crisis in your organization. In this communication serious real life game, you work together to ensure that all stakeholders in your Own Organization get the attention they need. Whether it is a fire or ransomware, with this game you practice and sharpen your scenarios. And at the end, you send the signal: business-as-usual!

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Ideas for team building

Looking for team outings ideas or fun team activities? IntoTheMirror offers a variety of team building ideas specifically designed to enhance cooperation and group bonding. Our short team building games are perfect for companies looking for effective and fun team activities.

Whether you choose the excitement of an escape room or the creative challenges of "Heel Ons Dorp Bakt," our team building games are designed to connect colleagues in a unique way. A team outing with us is more than just fun; it's an opportunity to strengthen the bonds between colleagues through a getting-to-know-you game.

We also offer specialized programs such as team building in project management where communication and cooperation are crucial. Our activities are designed not only to have fun, but also to serve as a group bonding activity that works back into the daily practice of work.

Explore with us and see how our team building games can increase collegiality and team spirit within your group. Let us help you organize the perfect team outing that will linger long in the memory of your team members.

What is gamification?

Discover the power of gamification with IntoTheMirror, where collaborative games offer adults unique learning experiences. Our management games and serious gaming examples are more than just a game; they are carefully designed to enrich learning and deliver real results in both education and business.

At IntoTheMirror, we ask "What is gamification?" and answer that with programs that promote fundamental skills such as leadership and communication. Our gamification examples demonstrate how game elements can be applied in non-game contexts to increase motivation and drive engagement.

Whether empowering teams with real life games or stimulating strategic thinking with business games, we offer a wide range of experiences that encourage participants to take action and reflect. Meet our approach to gamification and see how this innovative method can transform teams and enliven educational content.