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  2-3,5 hours        10-48

- creativity, dealing with prejudice, organisational culture - 

Welcome to 'Heel Ons Dorp Bakt', a unique real-life serious game in which you bake and gossip together with fellow villagers. Craft cakes and cupcakes as an alderman, barber or lifeguard. But remember: it's all about the layers between the cake. Discover how teamwork, creativity and dealing with (pre)judgements come together in this bruising adventure. A delightful mix of fun and valuable learning experiences!

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  2 hours        10-50

- team building, problem solving, dealing with different interests - 

Discover 'After the Heist', a unique on-site escape room where rival gangs team up for a daring heist. Experience the story, solve puzzles, and discover who can be trusted. As a group, determine the outcome and translate the experience into practical behavior. The gangs' hideout can be anywhere, even in the office. 

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  90 minutes         4-42

- cooperate, problem-solving ability, influencing others - 

Experience 'Agatha's Inheritance', an immersive on-site escape room where family members compete for Agaath's inheritance. Solve social puzzles and play a role in the story to determine the outcome. A short but intense experience, perfect as a team day activity! Play at the office, in a room or at one of our venues.

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