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[Educatieve break-in boxen die de geschiedenis laten ervaren]


Developing a pop-up escape game, supervised by Huis van Hilde staff for educational purposes on location, to promote the Huis van Hilde at (external) events and for visitors to Huis van Hilde on busy days, events and special occasions.


Students from North Holland high schools.


Archaeologist Rövers has found these chests in several places in North Holland. She thinks they contain hidden treasures that have not been discovered before. Only, she can't get these open! The museum will open the exhibition in 1 hour. And the director expects 1 object from the chests to come in! Will you manage to open the crates? Will you help Rövers out?


Novitas Heritage (account management), Studio Toi Toi (game design), Berg Designs (graphic design), Echo ID (realization and engineering), Huis van Hilde (client, user and SME)


  • 6 sets of break-in boxes
  • 4 to 6 players per box, maximum 30 players
  • Each box contains its own story, by one of the characters of Huis van Hilde.
  • Same puzzles per set, different outcomes to avoid cheating
  • 8 unique puzzle x 6 sets = 48 puzzles with different outcomes per set to discourage cheating
  • 45-60 minutes of experience
  • Fun and interesting for older audiences as well


The experience can be booked through Huis van Hilde.