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[Escape Game as HAN's contribution to Techniekdag 2022 in Nijmegen]


A contribution to the Techniekdagen in the form of an escape game to illustrate HAN's 4 engineering academies (Built Environment (Architecture and Civil Engineering), Engineering and Automotive, ICT and Multimedia design (AIM), Applied Biosciences and Chemistry (BML, Chemistry and Bioinformatics).


Children aged 10-12 years (group 7 to bridge class)


As you know, height, width, depth and time are the four dimensions we have to deal with. But according to researcher Professor Doctor Carolus Wezenbeek, a group of engineers from the HAN secretly conducted a study to determine the 5th dimension to be discovered. It seems the researchers have stored the result in a vault. Het is Wezenbeek niet gelukt deze kluis te openen.

To open the safe, you need all the techniques from the four academies. He now needs your help to get the 5th dimensie alsnog te onthullen. Ben jij een van die junior onderzoekers? Lukt het jullie om de kluis te openen?


Tragaluz (project management), Utrecht 4Business (delegated principal and realisation) and the HAN (Principal, SME and user)


  • 3 sets of puzzles
  • 4 to 6 player set, maximum 18 players
  • Puzzles related to one of the four technical academies
  • 5 unique digital and analogue puzzles
  • 15-minute experience


The experience is destined for the Engineering Days. That is where it can be played.