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[Larpen 'Light': Sherwood and Nottingham vs the Dark Army]

2 hours


Locatie waarmee we samenwerken of op eigen locatie

Up to 10: 400 euros, > 10: + 34,50 p.p.

Also available in English


Immerse yourself in the exciting world of 'Battle Tag', where Archery Tag and Sword Tag merge into an unparalleled phenomenon. Experience epic battles as you battle with bow and arrow, sword, axe or mace. A battle between good and evil, where the outcome is not always obvious.


Prepare for this extraordinary adventure with a preparatory archery and sword-fighting workshop. Armed with safe (latex foam Larp) arrows and bows, swords and other hand weapons, you will learn the essential techniques of these ancient martial arts.

Over the course of the campaign, the brave freebooters of Sherwood and the battle-hardened soldiers of Nottingham compete against each other in various challenges to prepare for the ultimate final battle. Together, they face the undead and dark creatures of the sinister Mordred. Will the forces of good prevail?


IntoTheMirror caters to companies and organizations in the service sector seeking a team-building activity for their team day or hip session. Organizers of bachelor parties and friends outings go to larpen.nl.


Battle Tag offers a kind of Larpen 'Light': you experience the intensity of combat without the need for extensive role-playing. It's purely about the thrill of battle. To complete the atmosphere, we provide you with costumes that transport you straight into the world of Lord of the Rings.

Een andere invulling heidag: vechtend met trolbal in de hand laten zien dat jouw team het beste is?

Sherwood and Nottingham vs. the Dark Army

Freebooters from the mysterious Sherwood Forest and the brave soldiers of Nottingham join forces to help King Oberon. His precious treasure has been stolen by the notorious archenemy Mordred! Now the responsibility rests on their shoulders to recapture the treasure and defeat Mordred's sinister hordes of undead, orcs and other dark creatures.

But be warned, the outcome is not a foregone conclusion - Mordred and his army will not just give in to the 'good guys'. Amidst their enemies are equally skilled archers and warriors, ready to rise to the challenge. Will the brave alliance of Sherwood and Nottingham prevail, or will Mordred triumph in his dark rule? The future hangs in the balance and only the strongest and most strategic minds can achieve victory in this epic battle.

Battle Tag als teambuilding

Organizations choosing Battle Tag are in many cases looking for a playful outdoor teambuilding activity where sportsmanship and competition are paramount.

A fresh and energizing end to the first day for a two-day meeting session, so the energy is recharged for the remainder of your meeting.



We will tailor the location to your preference and budget. Battle Tag can be played as an indoor game. But as an outdoor game, taking place in a wooded area, Battle Tag comes into its own even more. In that case, the game is always played, even when it rains. In that case, transparent rain ponchos are provided that can be put on over the costume.

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