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- crisis management, communications, business continuity management - 


[Scenario Fire and/or Scenario Ransomware]

3,5 uur (per scenario)


Landgoed Zonheuvel in Doorn or on location

2.500 per dagdeel of 3.500 per dag


Together with our partner Improven, we have developed the 'BCM game', an exciting serious game. This game offers a unique opportunity to explore and optimize the various aspects of Business Continuity Management (BCM) using different scenarios.


If BCM is not yet fully established in your organization, we begin with an introductory workshop explaining the essence and necessity of BCM. We prepare a proposal for the BCM organization and begin drafting roadmaps.

Next, we immerse you in the "BCM game. In this simulation, held in a fictional Own Organization, all members of the BCM team participate. You play a role similar to your position in the real organization. You get access to the BCM game app, a digital solution that supports the events in the 'BCM game'.

The BCM game app is a powerful tool. This app includes functionalities such as a mail system, payment system, social media, WhatsUp, national and local media websites, allowing all aspects of a crisis situation to be simulated in a safe manner.


After the game, the learning points are discussed and translated into an action list for optimizing the BCM organization and scripts.

Prepare for an immersive experience where your BCM skills will be tested, honed and improved. Discover how the "BCM game" empowers your team to deal with challenges and be prepared for any potential crisis situation.

Crisismanagement game: hoe kom je samen uit de crisis? Inclusief 'lokale nieuwsite'

Real life serious game 'The BCM Game - Scenario Fire'

During the "BCM Game, Scenario Fire," participants experience how BCM works in a dynamic way. The game covers all essential elements of crisis management and offers valuable learning moments. We gather extensive "lessons-learned," focusing on internal communication. And to make the experience even more intense, the game even starts with a real fire alarm and evacuation.

But that's not all. We have even more challenging scenarios in store. Consider the "BCM game, scenario Ransomware," which involves the same BCM game app, but with new events and challenges. To pay or not to pay? Now how to proceed without access to your digital systems?

BCM game as team building

The BCM game can be used in multiple ways:

  • Optimization of Crisis Communication.: The game can be used to test and improve an organization's ability to communicate effectively during a crisis.
  • Review of BCM scripts: Organizations can test and refine their BCM scenarios and emergency procedures in a realistic simulation.
  • Periodic Improvement of BCM Organization: The game can be used periodically to promote continuous improvements in the BCM organization.


But that's not all. We understand that every organization is unique. That's why we also offer customized options. Together with our BCM specialists, we identify the top 10 risks for your organization. The top 3 risks are converted into events and associated assets that are integrated into the BCM app.