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- creativity, dealing with prejudice, organisational culture - 


[Real Life Game with fun and a message]

 2-3,5 hours


Up to 10: 650 euros, > 10: + 42,50 p.p.

Also available in English


Our unique 'The Great Village Bake-off' workshop combines creativity, teamwork and a touch of gossip culture in an unforgettable experience.


First, you step into a preparatory workshop where you hone your improvisation skills and discover your role as a fellow villager, be it the alderman, hairdresser or neighborhood supermarket manager.

Then dive into the heart of the game, where you and your fellow players get to work on cakes, pies and cupcakes. Craft away as you eat together. Collect points by increasing your knowledge about your fellow villagers by not only talking to them, but also about them. And the best part? You take your creation home to surprise your family and friends with your 'baking skills'.

'The Great Village Bake-off' is the ideal fusion of the 'Heel Holland Bakt' cake competition and village life, all with a wink.


After the game, we discuss the experiences and translate them into practically applicable behaviour in everyday life. In short, a tasty and entertaining way to promote team building and social learning.

Roddelen en taarten versieren: met Heel ons dorp bakt! maak je je heidag origineel

Real life serious game 'The Great Village Bake-off'

'Heel Holland Bakt' contains ingredients like suspense, excitement and some cosiness. Mix those with the oppressive atmosphere of a small community where everyone talks about everyone else. Turn up the temperature and voilà, welcome to: 'The Great Village Bake-off'!

You will mainly be decorating various cakes. But like cakes themselves, it's all about the layers between them. Will it stay that cosy and manage not to let prejudice take over? And will the one who knows how to make the prettiest cakes or the one who masters the art of gossiping win?

The Great Village Bake-off as team building

Organizations that opt for this workshop want to strengthen cooperation between colleagues. Enquiry skills are addressed, and participants discover each other's creative competences.

The Great Village Bake-off tries in a light-hearted way to make it possible to discuss (gossip) culture in one's own workplace. This workshop also makes participants aware of their own (pre)judgements.



In this experience, ready-made cake products are decorated with rolling fondant, marzipan and other sweet things. So there is no actual baking. Here, gluten intolerance of some participants is taken into account, so everyone can have a cupcake to eat.

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