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- team building, creative, negotiation, dinner game - 


[Indoor Larp experience with or without high tea or dinner]

2,5-4 uur


Landgoed Zonheuvel in Doorn or on location

Standard: from 49.50 p.p.

Arrangement: 3-course dinner from 89.50 p.p.

Also available in English

Larp: What

Step into an enchanted world full of magic, intrigue and adventure with Rings of Virtues, a Fantasy-themed interactive game that takes you into a unique experience in a fairytale setting.

Immerse yourself in the rich world of five different peoples - elves, dwarves, halflings, city and country folk. Strive to become the Ringbearer amid enchantments, intrigue and personal challenges. Defeat opponents through role-playing and real dagger fights. Only then will you contribute to the success of your people.

Larp: How

'Trials of Aptitude' will take place during the Five Peoples meeting. Dive into mini-competitions and challenging escape games that will test your skills and lead you on new discoveries.

Be prepared, for the Eternal Evil does not rest. Intrigue, murder and betrayal lurk in the shadows and threaten the Free Peoples. Are you able to triumph and thwart Evil's plans?

Larp: Who

With Rings of Virtues, we challenge teams and departments to a creative and challenging collaborative experience in a unique and atmospheric way. Rings of Virtue is ideally suited to be played around a high tea or dinner.

Wanted! Brave heroes m/f

Dwarf King Oberon summons Free Peoples: fight returning Eternal Evil. Seven heroes must become Ringbearers to face darkness. Only Ringbearers can defeat Evil and secure the future of Man, Elf, Halfling and Dwarf. Prepare for epic battle in Rings of Virtues.

Rings of Virtues as team building

Organizations that choose to Larpen are in many cases looking for a playful indoor team building activity that focuses on cooperation and dealing with the unknown.

Other learning experiences include negotiation and creativity. Problem-solving skills are also addressed to successfully meet the challenges present in the missions.



The game works best with a three-course dinner served.

It is possible to take this experience without dinner. Consider a high tea or some moments where snacks are served. This indoor game is played in a hall and these moments ensure a proper game flow. The game will then be over an hour shorter.

Would you like an outdoor experience instead of an indoor Larp? Then choose Larping: Fantasy Heroes.


'Rings of Virtues' is played at an indoor location of your choice, in a room exclusively for your party. We can, of course, advise you on this.