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[Larpen 'Light': Sherwood vs. Nottingham]


75 minutes


IntoTheMirror location or at your own location

Up to 10: 350 euro, > 10: + 24,50 p.p.

Also available in English


'Archery Tag', the ultimate archery workshop that will get your adrenaline flowing! Step into a world where you hunt your opponents with a bow and arrow. But don't worry, our Larp arrows are equipped with soft foam tips for safe gaming fun. Enter the battlefield in teams and go for the win!


Get ready for the exciting 'Challengers' tournament, where the brave freebooters of Sherwood and the brave soldiers of Nottingham compete against each other in medieval costume.

Prior to the tournament, you will receive an archery workshop to master the basics. Using our latex foam Larp arrows and bow, you will practise until you are ready to take part in the tournament. Excitement mounts as teams are formed and the battle erupts in various game modes.


IntoTheMirror caters to companies and organizations in the service sector seeking a team-building activity for their team day or hip session. Organizers of bachelor parties and friends outings go to larpen.nl.


Archery Tag is like a lighter version of Larpen: you experience the battles without the role-playing. To complete the atmosphere, we provide you with costumes that transport you right into the world of Robin Hood.

Boogschieten op elkaar, een van IntoTheMirror's teambuilding spellen, voor het Maarten Maartenshuis

Sherwood vs. Nottingham

Step into the medieval adventure of 'Archery Tag: Sherwood vs Nottingham'. The freebooters of Sherwood Forest have the soldiers of Nottingham in their sights. The ruthless Sheriff of Nottingham has just collected taxes again and it is up to the freebooters to take this treasure and distribute it justly to the poor. But be on your guard, because among the soldiers lurk also skilled archers who aim their arrows at you. Enter this exciting battlefield and find out if you can make the arrows of fate fly in your favour!

Archery Tag als teambuilding

Organizations that choose Archery Tag are in many cases looking for a fun outdoor team building activity where sportsmanship and competition are paramount.

A fresh and high-energy break for during a two-day healing session, so the energy is recharged for the remainder of your meeting.



'Archery Tag' is a perfect archery workshop for company outing or as a meeting break. And if you want even more adventure, try our Sword Tag with Larp swords and axes. Or go for the ultimate challenge with Battle Tag, where Archery Tag and Sword Tag come together in an epic spectacle!

In that case, the game will basically take place at all times, even if it rains. In that case, transparent rain ponchos will be provided that can be put on over the costume.


We will tailor the location to your preference and budget. Archery Tag can be played as an indoor game. But as an outdoor game, which takes place in a wooded area such as the Utrechtse Heuvelrug in the province of Utrecht, Archery Tag comes into its own even more.

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