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- sporty, competitive, teamwork, outdoor - 


[Larpen 'Light': Nottingham vs. Sherwood]

75 minutes


Landgoed Zonheuvel or Jachthuis Beukenrode in Doorn or on location

Up to 10: 350 euro, > 10: + 24,50 p.p.

Also available in English


Discover the exciting world of 'Sword Tag', an exciting variation on the beloved Archery Tag. Instead of bows and arrows, in Sword Tag you compete with swords, axes and clubs, challenging each other in a safe and playful way.


Prepare for an unforgettable 'Troll Ball' tournament with an immersive sword-fighting workshop, dressed in authentic medieval robes. Under expert guidance, you will learn the intricacies of this noble martial art.

After practizing and sparring with each other, teams are formed and the exciting tournament begins. During the intense mini-competition 'Troll Ball', they fight for honor and glory, and eternal glory awaits the winners.


IntoTheMirror caters to companies and organizations in the service sector seeking a team-building activity for their team day or hip session. Organizers of bachelor parties and friends outings go to larpen.nl.


Sword Tag promises a 'Larp Light' experience: full enjoyment of combat, without the elaborate role-playing. To complete the atmosphere, we provide you with costumes that transport you right into the world of the Sheriff of Nottingham.

Sword Tag: een bijzondere en unieke workshop in het kader van team uitjes ideeën. Win jij trolbal?

Nottingham vs. Sherwood

Prepare for an enthralling 'Troll Ball' tournament, where Nottingham's soldiers are hot on the heels of Sherwood Forest's villains. But is it time for a rough confrontation of man against man, woman against woman? Or will it be a sophisticated tournament where the battle is fought with honour and elegance? Fortunately, the 'Troll Ball' tournament was chosen - a unique solution that brings together elegance and excitement. Whether this is a 'sophisticated' and 'honourable' approach, we leave to you to discover!

Sword Tag as team building

Organizations opting for Sword Tag are in many cases looking for a playful outdoor teambuilding activity where sportsmanship and competition are paramount.

A fresh and high-energy break for during a two-day healing session, so the energy is recharged for the remainder of your meeting.



Troll Ball is a competition between two teams of five players each equipped with Larp weapons.

  • Each team has a bucket.
  • The referee brings a troll's head into play.
  • The team that manages to get that head into the opponent's bucket most often wins the match.
  • Opponents may be stopped with weapons.
  • And no kicking the troll's head is allowed.
  • The referee is always right.
  • Other than that, there are no rules.

Injured players go aside, where they are patched up by the surgeon on duty. Then they take part in the match again with fresh energy.



'Sword Tag' is perfect for company outings or as a meeting break. And if you want even more adventure, try our Archery Tag with Larp arrows and bows. Or go for the ultimate challenge with Battle Tag, where Archery Tag and Sword Tag come together in an epic spectacle. Get ready for an unforgettable adventure full of excitement and teamwork!

We will tailor the location to your preference and budget. Sword Tag can be played as an indoor game. But as an outdoor game, taking place in a wooded area, Sword Tag comes into its own even more. In that case, the game basically always takes place, even if it rains. In that case, transparent rain ponchos are provided that can be put on over the costume.

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