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Escape Room at Utrechtse Heuvelrug

[Real Life Escape Games on Location]

Escape Room Utrechtse Heuvelrug organizes real life escape games on location. How is it different from a traditional escape room? We are focused on groups. We don't have our own location, so we come to you.

Looking for a real life game with escape room challenges for your team? Because you want to alternate the substantive part of the team day or heisession with a team building activity? IntoTheMirror's Escape Room Utrechtse Heuvelrug ensures that your team has a good time and also provides cooperation with each other. And, if desired, we provide a debrief in which we reflect on the experiences from the game. After all, we believe that growth occurs when learning and fun come together.

Real life escape game

What is different from a traditional escape room? At a real life game you are given a role or position in a story that you play out through escape room puzzles, as well as social interaction challenges.

On location

We can play our indoor pop-up games anywhere. At your office, in a meeting room or at the location where you organize your team day or two-day meeting. Should you need inspiration: we work together with various locations.


Discover how Real Life Gaming can transform your team. contact us and plan a unique and engaging team building experience with IntoTheMirror.


  75 minutes         3-24

- cooperate, problem-solving ability, influencing others - 

Experience 'Agatha's Inheritance', an immersive on-site escape room where family members compete for Agaath's inheritance. Solve social puzzles and play a role in the story to determine the outcome. A short but intense experience, perfect as a team day activity! Play at the office, in a room or at one of our venues.

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  2 hours        10-50

- team building, problem solving, dealing with different interests - 

Discover 'After the Heist', a unique on-site escape room where rival gangs team up for a daring heist. Experience the story, solve puzzles, and discover who can be trusted. As a group, determine the outcome and translate the experience into practical behavior. The gangs' hideout can be anywhere, even in the office. 

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  1,5 hour         15-500

- team building, problem solving, dealing with different interests - - 

Experience 'Team Escape', a pop-up escape game where cooperation is key. Solve puzzles, combine qualities and decipher the code to open the last suitcase. 'Team Escape' pits groups against each other for success and team spirit. The post-game discussion contributes to a special and energetic team experience!

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New: Jubensha

Ben je toe aan iets nieuws? We zijn aan het experimenteren met Jubensha. Deze real life games zijn afkomstig uit China. Jubensha is een mix tussen een moordmysterie, weerwolven en rollenspel. Jubensha's duren tussen de 2-8 uur. De verhalen en thema's zijn typisch Chinees. Een bewerking voor de westerse markt is noodzakelijk.

A Jubensha is played with a fixed number of players, namely 4, 5, 6, 7 or 8. Otherwise, the game cannot go on. Therefore, you are required to bring the number of participants and must provide your own replacement in case of illness.

Jubensha 'Theresa tot ziens'

We think that the Jubensha "Theresa Until Sight," for 4 players, is an excellent introduction. This "old school" Jubensha lasts between 2 and 3 hours. We can facilitate this game for groups of up to 24 (plural of 4). Curious? Take contact us and ask about the possibilities.

Jubensha Theresa tot ziens

Introducing 'Theresa Goodbye'

In the fall of 1845, the mysterious old city of Granada welcomed a traveling caravan. The Roma gathered around the glamorous lady Theresa, danced and created a wave of revelry in the main Spanish square. But behind the lively music and bright colors moved quiet undercurrents. Theresa's arrival heralded unrest and unease, sins and vendettas, and changed the life path of some.

When night falls and the bells of Granada ring, the apparent peace, masked by sunlight, is completely snatched away. Young Theresa was found dead in her tent, her chest bleeding profusely, blood seeping from the hem of her bright red flamenco dress, her face frozen with a final, enigmatic smile.

Chaos ensued on the banks of the Rio Genil when enraged Roma detained four outsiders trying to escape from the camp. Theresa's family told them that the killer was among these four outsiders and that one of them should be executed as penance for Theresa's death.

Day after day, the ancient city of Granada stages its tragicomedies, with the incessant flow of the Rio Genil ensuring that the drama never ends. On this perpetual stage of the world, what fate will they play next time....